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Solar Photovoltaic Solutions
​Solar Photovoltaic is utilizing the power and energy emitted by the sun, to create electricity.  The two world's leaders in the production of energy using photovoltaics, are Germany, and the State of New Jersey.  Iowa has more sunlight than both places.  We have partnered with distributors and manufacturers to bring the most effective photovoltaic solutions to the mid-west.  

We can find the best solution for you or your business through analysis of your location and size of usable space for photovoltaic panels.  
Wood Roofing Company Renewable Energy Solutions
At Wood Roofing Company, we offer a number of "green" solutions for energy conservation and renewable energy.  We can perform an analysis of your location to show you the most appropriate solution for you, and how it can help you by investing these cutting edge solutions.

If you own a large commercial facility and are looking for maximum kw additional alternative energy or you own a home and want to be a part of helping our environment and reduce your carbon footprint, we have a solution for you.
Day-Lighting Solutions
There is no greater efficiency than off!  We have the ability to bring daylight into your business or home so your lights can be off!  In most businesses, 40-50% of the power being used is for lighting.  Our installation of skylights, in combination with lighting control systems, can reduce your energy spending, reduce your impact on the environment, and increase productivity and sales for your business.  

​SunOptics day-lighting systems are being utilized and can be seen in new Walmart, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Hy-Vee, Office Depot, and many more.

The advantages of Sunoptics are vast.  Some of the most important highlights are no moving parts, no hot spots, no glare with 100% diffusion, and no UV damage. 
The State of Iowa and the United States Government have multiple incentive programs for those who are interested in taking part in the renewable energy program.  Our staff and our partners have the ability to show you how to take FULL advantage of these programs to add funding for your project, and receive tax incentives etc. to move toward completing your project for you.  We can also direct you to the "Renewable Energy Revolving Loan Program," which can offer you low interest loans toward funding your Solar Photovoltaic projects.
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