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About Wood Roofing Company
Wood Roofing Company is an established Union Commercial Roofing Contractor that has been serving Central Iowa since 1959.  Our company offers competitive and cost effective solutions to help you maintain a secure building envelope.

Wood Roofing has the largest dedicated staff of employees specifically for roof service and maintenance in the State of Iowa. Regardless of the type of roof you own, if you have problems, we can solve them efficiently and economically.

Wood Roofing Company's core business revolves around large New Construction projects, roof replacement projects and total building envelope management. 

Our 56 year history gives us a unique perspective to assessing problems with your roof and building envelope, as well as recommending "proven time tested" solutions. 

Wood Roofing offers the "total package" with renewable energy solutions including solar photovoltaic solutions, roof top wind turbines, and complete day-lighting systems for energy conservation and efficiency.  

​Wood Roofing Company is a Family Owned Business working to provide Best in Class Roofing Systems and Solutions.
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